• Charbay Barrel Select D&M Barrel American Whiskey

Store Pick This shows aromas of sweet malt, dried stone fruits, candied orange peel, cardamom, thyme, and cinnamon on toast. The palate has a sweet spice combo with dark bread, wood, chocolate, orange, cardamom and vanilla. D&M Tasting Notes

Charbay origin story begins with the decree of an empress. In 1751 the House of Karakasevic (Karakash) was recognized by the Austrian-Hungarian imperial court of Empress Maria Theresa for their wines and brandies. Fast forward 12 generations and a young Miles Karakasevic decided to leave Yugoslavia and forge a path in the new world. After spending time in Quebec and Michigan, he ended up in Napa Valley in 1972 as a winemaker at Beringer. The work in wine payed the bills, but the family history (and his title of a Master Distiller) lead him to dabble in distilling as well. By 1983, the family was doing well enough to start their own winery and distilling program as Domaine Karakash. They purchased an Alembic Pot Still from Cognac, and they followed the classic double distillation model.

Miles’ son Marko grew up in this heady state of affairs and decided to follow in the family’s long tradition. After apprenticing with his father for over 25 years to also become a Master Distiller, in 2009 Marko launched the Charbay Distillery in Ukiah and set out to make whiskey. In 2011 Marko got his hands on 6,000 gallons of Bear Republic's Big Bear Stout. When asked what attracted him to the beer, he said “it's extremely complex. Single malts only use a single malt—this Stout has over five different malts, as well as adjuncts and several different hop [Centennial and Cascade] varieties…” Over a 10 day period in February 2011 Marko tended the still to turn the Stout into 590 gallons of distillate, enough to fill 10 barrels. 

We here at D&M have been quite enamored with this distillation run, as we brought a 15 month old bottling of this to you back in June 2012. When we tasted this recently, we first thought ‘yum,’ then “did we already do this?” After some back and forth we decided that this is in a considerably different place as a 7 year old than it was back in 2012. Michael Kennel, D&M

45% ABV


Charbay Barrel Select D&M Barrel American Whiskey

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