• Catoctin Creek Store Pick Rye Whiskey

Store Pick Single Barrel Barrel #1717.  100% Rye. The nose shows fresh rye with chocolate covered raisins, turbinado sugar, cocoa powder, and holiday spices toward clove and just there anise. The palate has a great texture to it with the sweet promise of the nose balanced well with savory notes of black pepper and dusty spice. The finish returns slightly more dessert-esque and remarkably balanced. Aged for 12 months in oak, then finished for 7 months in barrel had previously held an undisclosed winery’s Cabernet Sauvignon.  D&M Tasting Notes

94% ABV Cask Strength 

Catoctin Creek (pronounced Ka-TOCK-tin) as a distillery got its start when Becky and Scott Harris decided that they wanted out of the corporate life. Becky Harris, the acknowledged head of the operation, began her career as a chemical engineer where she worked on large scale projects for multinationals. Her husband Scott worked for decades in the IT industry, and supported her vision of making high quality spirits in small batches in Virginia. So in 2009 the Harris’ got their start in a converted storefront in the exurbs of Washington, DC with one unpaid employee: Becky. The name they chose comes from the region they call home: a part of Northern Virginia close to Potomac river forty miles northwest of Washington. The name is taken from the Native American tribe indigenous to that section east of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and means “place of many deer.” 

These days the county that Catoctin calls home is filled more with vineyards than deer; making the distillery’s focus on Rye a little out of step with most of their neighbors. As their motto goes: Sic semper secales! “Thus always to rye!” The business has moved fast over the last decade, successfully petitioning the state government to allow tasting and purchases on site as well as ever so slowly introducing Bourbon to the lineup. (In 2019 they have 360 bottles total to sell.) It must be noted that though still very much craft they did take on a minority outside investment from Constellation Brands, though as Becky in effect nothing will change, we can now afford health insurance. Tasting their work, we very much hope that is indeed the case. Michael Kennel, D&M

Catoctin Creek Store Pick Rye Whiskey

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