• Casa Magnalena Guatemala Rum

Aged in used bourbon barrels. The nose is bright floral, with low phenols, coconut, and banana fosters. The palate is creamy, nutty and spicey with a great texture to the mouthfeel.  D&M Tasting Notes

Casa Magdalena, a collaboration between House Spirits Distillery and Ingenio Magdalena, is truly and uniquely home grown. Every sip of Casa Magdalena is made from sugar cane that is seeded, planted, harvested, and distilled by the Leal family in Guatemala. Unlike any other rum in the world, Casa Magdalena brings a subtle earthiness and light grassy aromas born from the rich ashes of Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango, the beautiful volcanos that tower above the cane fields.

Casa Magnalena Guatemala Rum

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