• Capurro Moscatel Pisco

This is a dry Pisco with aromas of lychee and peach which carry through to the palate where it picks up nice apple skin notes. This is a nice sipper, not just a blender. Harvest 2015 rested for 36 months. D&M Tasting Notes

41.5% ABV

Roses, orange blossom, cardamom, red apple skin, bartlett pear, beautifully Autumnal. A nice sipper after a meal. Distillery Notes

Juan Enrique’s daughter, Maria Regina Capurro, married Isidoro Martiniano Castro. Together, they had ten children, including Leon Eduardo Castro Capurro. Isidoro began to teach his son the art of pisco production while Juan Enrique told him of the first ever harvest festival and its wide success – his curiosity was ignited. As years passed and his passion for pisco grew, Eduardo became a successful merchant running several businesses, like his father, grandfather, and great grandfather before him. In 1950, Eduardo met and married the love of his life, Ruth Carmen Canelo. To start their family, Eduardo and Ruth settled in a small town in the desert of southern Perú in the district of Nazca, Ica. There, Eduardo discovered a climate perfect for the cultivation of grapes for his pisco. Situated in the southern most region of Ica, longer days meant more sunlight for the grapes and hotter temperatures than the north, allowing for optimal sweetness.

As Eduardo’s businesses grew, so grew his vineyard and pisco production. Settling for nothing less than perfection, Eduardo sought after the finest raw materials and the best distilling equipment, and he skillfully monitored every part of production. As previous generations had done before him, he began to amass an incredible family reserve of the finest pisco. Solely by word of mouth, his pisco began to sell throughout Perú. 

For years, Eduardo’s pisco remained a limited family reserve as a premium brand sold only in Perú. In 2008, Eduardo’s eldest granddaughter, Romina Puente-Arnao, entered the family recipe into the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, winning the highest honor, a Double Gold Medal. With this recognition, the family began to prepare for distribution outside Perú, and in the summer of 2012, the family completed its first export to the United States using the name Capurro, which the family has long used to commercialize its piscos.

Capurro Moscatel Pisco

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