• Caballito Cerrero Blanco 46

100% Angustifolia (Chato) Agave. Made in Santa Rita since 1873 instead of Oaxaca this "mezcal"  is less smokey overall. Aromas of wood, light smoke, creamy, peppery it is very pretty and inviting. The palate is bright with more creamy texture, great fresh citrus, some pineapple, but also savory notes. Very smooth. delicious! D&M Tasting Notes

The Santa Rita Factory where Caballito Cerrero is produced was founded in 1873, is an example of what back then represented the advances of the Industrial Revolution and the efforts of Maximiano Hernandez an enterprising and visionary man who built a real industrial facility located in Barranca de Tecuane , using both elements of modernity, as those that the ancestral experience and the chosen place provided. The location of Santa Rita is complex and is due to the proximity to the spring of natural mineral water from which it is supplied. Santa Rita, Patron of the impossible.

Caballito Cerrero is the result of knowledge of generations and the structural conditions of the Santa Rita Factory located in a fertile ravine and fed by a spring of natural mineral water that is used to cook, ferment and distill, all this makes Caballito Cerrero a product of unique and unparalleled quality.

Caballito Cerrero Blanco 46

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