• Burly Ginger Beer Syrup

16 fl. oz. This venture started with a quest for a better ginger beer....something without corn syrup or added preservatives. As my searches fell short I decided to teach myself to make some from scratch. While learning how to craft these beverages, I fell in love with the process and quickly realized that I was creating something special. It is my personal mission to use Burly Beverages as a vehicle to promote a quirky and health-minded approach to sodas and soft drinks by using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, natural sweeteners and a small batch mentality to assure a consistent, high quality product and to create an all-natural product that is an alternative to the status quo of today's soft drinks and beverages.  Gabriel Aiello, Owner

French Caribbean Remedy

1oz Littet

1oz Vodka 

.5oz Burly Beverages Ginger Beer Syrup

2.5oz Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice,

Top w/Seltzer & Stir Well 

Suggested Garnish: Dash of Angostura Bitters 

Submitted By - Brady Calder (Amateur Mixseur)


Burly Ginger Beer Syrup

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