• Barrell Bourbon 2019 New Year Bourbon Whiskey

Cask Strength 56.5% ABV  Appearance: The full range of oranges and reds one expects from a sugar maple at the peak of autumn.

Nose: The nose is decadent, with sweet aromas of hazelnut macaron, ganache, marzipan and rootbeer commingling with sweet cider and an assortment of dried fruits [apricot, fig, and candied orange peel). Classic floral dessert garnishes such as rose, apricot noyaux, and vanilla offer heady top notes. The bass clef is carried by oiled leather, marshmallow and dandelion roots, and granite.  

Palate: Creme anglaise makes for a rich backdrop to showcase classic rye spices of nutmeg, sarsaparilla, amaretto and stewed raisin.  

Finish: The rye grain really broadens its scope with notes of cocoa nib, candied ginger, Peychaud's bitters, and absinthe blanche.  

With a splash of spring water: The nose takes grows creamy with notes of coconut milk, heirloom grits with butter and creme de menthe, while its floral character also gains more complexity with lily, goldenrod and grapefruit oil. The palate meanwhile takes on several additional layers of depth, with notes of black walnut, poppy seed, licorice root, black cherry soda, and guava. Bottlers Notes

Barrell Bourbon 2019 New Year Bourbon Whiskey

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