• Barrell Bourbon 14 YR. D&M Single Barrel Bourbon

Store Pick. Cask Strength Barrel #G663. This barrel began its life in Tennessee with the mashbill of 70% Corn, 26% Rye, and 4% Malted Barley (which sounds to us like Dickel, though legally cannot be stated.) That does mean that this Bourbon initially underwent the Lincoln County Process, which recent research has shown results in a less chemically volatile (smoother) end product. The nose shows aromas of fresh fruits, bananas foster, spun sugar, creme brulee, peanut skin, and rich white fudge. The palate has a great oily texture to it without the burn and flavors of oak barrel spice, creme brulee, and just there fudge. D&M Tasting Notes

The last time we brought you a bottle of Barrell, they were  just getting started and renting space in the Old Taylor Distillery. My, how times have changed. Over the last three years Barrell has shifted to new digs, won a slew of awards, and branched out from simply doing batch numbered Bourbons.

When we here at D&M first introduced you all to Barrell back in the heady spring of 2016, the company was just Joe Beatrice. At that time, the company was pretty much him, barrels in a rickhouse, and an Instagram feed. When we chatted with him back in 2016 he was still mostly crawling around the rickhouse of the Old Taylor distillery where his barrels were housed, thinking about how to assemble these into batches, and pretty much doing it all by himself. He had cashed out of his first career of online advertising for the likes of Glenmore Distilleries, and had his sights set on following in the footsteps of the Scottish Independent Bottlers. By this we mean that from the start, Barrell was taking the work of others in a remarkably transparent way, applying his palate to coax out a blend across dozens of barrels, and putting the result out to market.

Since that time, he has gained quite the accolades, as well as colleagues and space to transform into the next iteration of Barrell. In 2017, he leased a former Cricket Wireless warehouse in Jefferson County, Kentucky and hired a biochemist by the name of Tripp Stemson to be his Master Distiller. Tripp had been hired fresh out of school by Brown Forman to work as a research and development scientist, a job he did for nine years before taking, setting up, and becoming Master Distiller at Kentucky Artisan Distillery. Suffice it to say that Tripp has hit the ground running and barrels are already being produced at the clip of around 1,000 barrels a year on their hybrid pot and column still setup. In talking with Joe back in 2016 he seemed not that enthused about single barrel picks as they took “too much time to select and sell.” Since that time he has altered his thinking and we are glad!  Michael Kennel, D&M

55.9% ABV

Barrell Bourbon 14 YR. D&M Single Barrel Bourbon

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