• Barbancourt 15 Year Old Estate Reserve Rhum

Haiti 100% Sugar Can Rum. 43%ABV. Aged in Oak. The nose is perfumed and complex with candied citrus fruits and roasted, tannic flavors.The palate is powerful, with a great aromatic richness. Almost explosive with cooked pear, citrus fruits, cinnamon, and pepper. The finish is long, with a return of citrus fruits and spices. Distillery Notes

Dupré Barbancourt, who founded the company in 1862, came to Haiti from Charente, which is located in the Cognac region of France. Using double distillation methods, originally used in the production of cognac in France, he began distilling rum after perfecting his special recipe. Barbancourt was married to Nathalie Gardère, who after Barbancourt's death took control of the business. Later, on her deathbed, Nathalie Gardère left the company to her nephew Paul Gardère, as she never had children with Dupré Barbancourt. To this day the rum business remains in the Gardère family. Importer Notes

Barbancourt 15 Year Old Estate Reserve Rhum

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