• Aultmore 20 YR. Half Bottle Boutique Whisky Co. Single Malt Scotch

*375 ML. Batch #9 This is quite the 20 year old. It was aged for two decades in Bourbon Hogsheads and bottled at cask strength of 52.1%. The nose shows aromas of peanut brittle, cinnamon, pear, apple skin, shortbread, and warm baking spices. The palate shows oak barrel spice with pineapple, shortbread, light fudge and just there caramel. Enjoy! D&M Tasting Notes

Aultmore began its history in the heady times of the late 1890s when any business plan, no matter how dubious, found ready investor capital. Alexander Edward, the founder of Aultmore, would today be called a serial entrepreneur. By the time Aultmore was founded in 1897, Edward had opened Benriennes and had a strong hand in running Craigellachie. In the last years of the 1800s Edward would combine the Aultmore into a holding company with Oban. Aultmore and these other endeavors were largely financed by the Pattison firm. When the Pattison firm went bankrupt the party was over: the bubble burst and the distilleries built in the boom times, like Aultmore, were mothballed. 

Thankfully, the state of the closure was short-lived by whisky standards, and the distillery was back up and running by 1903. This state of affairs lasted for around a decade before the barley shortages of World War I led Aultmore, like most of its contemporaries, to close. After reopening when the doughboys returned from the trenches, Aultmore was powered for the high technology of its age: a 10 horsepower steam engine which was run continuously for the next 70 years. The distillery was bought by John Dewar's and Sons for £ 20,000 in 1923. Its ownership changed hands a number of times in intervening years largely within the Dewar's family of companies- where it remained until a retrofit in 1971. Soon after making the distillery shiny and new, it was sold to United Distillers, the company that would become Diageo. This is where most of these corporate histories end except that Aultmore was sold back to John Dewars in 1998 to reduce Diageo's monopolistic holdings of the Scotch industry, making it a boomerang company on a very long timeline. Aultmore was long known as the rarest single malt because of its high demand and revered status by the blending Scotch houses. It was listed as a 'Top Class' malt in the Blenders Handbook of 1974. When the Bacardi Group was in the proess of purchasing Dewars, they were willing to walk away if the Aultmore distillery wasn’t included in the purchase package. 

It should be noted at this point that Aultmore is anglicized Gaelic for big burn , named in large part for its water sources: the Auchinderran Burn and Foggie Moss. Aultmore is not a pretty distillery. This is a distillery where function is what matters. Overall the distillate that is produced at Aultmore can be defined as intense. A giant stainless steel mash tun feeds a set of 12,400 gallon Siberian Larch Washbacks. Its wort is clear, but the fermentations are long to develop a deep set of flavor before distillation even commences. Distillation takes place in two wash stills (4,100 gallons a piece) and two spirit stills; the stills room is fitted with a set of massive roll up windows to let nature take the place of air-conditioners to keep the distillery ’ s temperature cool. The spirit stills are smaller than many other distilleries of its size with downward lyne arms to capture less reflux in the still. After distillation the spirit is transferred to Dewar ’ s central warehouses: this is standard for all spirits produced by Dewar's distilleries.

From Boutique-y Whiskey Company, an operation that focuses on the obscure without being too fussy about it. They are beloved for their cheeky sense of humor, normally tied to the history of the distillery. Because there is so little information on Aultmore, Boutique-y Whisky’s founder Ben Ellefsen thought that the imagery should be several layers of the absurd: we have a Velocoraptor attacking a shark on a cargo ship with a burning oil rig in the background. Michael Kennel, D&M

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Aultmore 20 YR. Half Bottle Boutique Whisky Co. Single Malt Scotch

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