Augier L'Singulier Cognac

The aromas very much showcases the finesse cellar notes of truffle,earth and  a slight oxidated grapes and rich stone fruits. The palate has honeyed stone fruits,a big mouthfeel,of baking spice,oak and tannins.Chewy texture with a long finish of spice, clove, mint and bakers chocolate. D&M Tasting Notes

A blend of 4 Eaux-De-Vie, blending date September 8,2015.

41.7% ABV

Le Singulier is a highly aromatic, expressive cognac due to the gentle exuberance of a rare grape – the Folle Blanche. Character: This cognac is the product of fine eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne growth and the highly distinctive Folle Blanche grape.

The blend has an attractive copper-yellow shade. The nose is, at first, subtle and precise. On swirling, fruit notes of pear, bush peach and apricot become apparent. After a brisk, direct attack typical of a spirit free from additives, the body is rounded and subtle on the palate. Intense fruit flavours are balanced by the understated wood aromas in the finish. This is a characterful cognac made from the forgotten Folle Blanche grape, which accounts for less than 1% of the appellation’s current plantings.Distillery Notes

Augier L'Singulier Cognac

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