• Auchroisk 12 YR. Cadenhead Bottling Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The nose is filled with honey, flowers, a touch of peat, a whisper of peat smoke, along with a light nutty tone. The mouth feel is very precise and to the point with Brazil nuts, honey and tropical fruit dominating its light bodied nature. D&M Tasting Notes Distilled: 2001 118.6 Proof Cask Strength

The history of Auchroisk can be traced to the search for suitable water. When you talk to winery owners, they talk about consulting geologists and meteorologists to ensure that the soil and the sky can provide what they are searching for to make an excellent wine. Distillery owners are after something more singular- a well, burn (river/stream), reservoir or spring with the right mix of minerals for whisky production. In the early 1970s, Dorie’s Well was discovered in Banffshire in the Speyside. The well’s water rises to the surface first through granite then sandstone, making the water quite soft. At this time, the Justerini & Brooks company were on the lookout for an additional location to supplement their stocks for their wildly popular (in the era) J&B blends. Testing was undertaken of the water from Dorie’s Well and it was found to be quite similar to the water that J&B already used at one of their other distilleries: Glen Spey. After completing a test run of the water at Glen Spey, and quite satisfied with the whisky produced, J&B bought the property with the well on it, and began to erect a distillery in 1972.

In 1974 the distillery above Dorie’s Well was completed and given the name Auchroisk, Gaelic for shallow ford across the red stream. With a name settled on, J&B promptly abandoned it in foreign markets identifying the whisky as ‘The Singleton’ for the next several decades. To further confuse matters, current owner Diageo currently uses ‘The Singleton’ for three different distilleries depending on the Continent of sale- and none of them are Auchroisk. Apologies for the tangent, back to the distillery at hand. Auchroisk, being a product of the modern era, never had any floor maltings, and all of their malted barley that is delivered to them is unpeated. After fermentation, the wash (distiller’s beer) is passed into one of four wash stills, which have a capacity of 24,000 liters a piece. From there the resulting low wines are transferred into one of the four spirits stills, each with a capacity of 16,500 liters. Through the year this process leads to a capacity of 3.8 million liters, of which over 90% is destined for blends: primarily J&B and Johnnie Walker Red. The vast majority of the whisky is aged on site; Auchroisk is also a warehousing site for most of Diageo’s output in the region.


Auchroisk 12 YR. Cadenhead Bottling Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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