• Auchentoshan 17 Yr. Signatory Bottling Single Malt Scotch Whisky

We had summer on the mind when we selected this Scotch, and the bright style of Auchentoshan comes through here. The nose shows clean cereal grains, hay, honey towards sugar cookies, wild flowers, and some sweet baking spices. The palate is light and bright with sugar cookies, clean cereal grains, grass, and end aroma set of sweet baking spices. D&M Tasting Notes

Cask #800034. 198 Bottles. 46% ABV Distilled: 2.7.2000 Bottled: 12.5.2017 

Auchentoshan is a derivative of Gaelic phrase Achadh an Oisein meaning “the field of the corner.” With its Gaelic name and atypical (for Scotland) method of distillation, the prehistory of Auchentoshan as a distillery is said to involve Irish settlers carrying their penchant for triple distillation to their new home and business at the mouth of the River Clyde. This brings us to Auchentoshan’s other tag line from a different, boozier time: “the breakfastwhisky.” The reference to breakfast whisky, jarring as it is to modern sensibilities, relates to the method of distillation that is employed in the production of Auchentoshan. The spirit is triple distilled to a higher alcohol percentage than is the Scottish norm. (In fact the spirit at Auchentoshan is the highest exit percentage in Scotland, hitting a impressive 81% ABV.) In Ireland, where the mash bill includes both grain and malted barley, a big pot still does not complete the distillation process in two simple distillations. The consequence of this extra distillation is that the spirit exits the still at a higher proof for a prettier and lighter style of whisky. The vast majority of Scottish distillers employ double distillation, both because that is all that is required for a pot still with malted barley, and because it produces a more flavorful new make spirit. Auchentoshan is the primary distillery to highlight their triple distillation process, though the Springbank distillery in Campbeltown also uses triple distillation for their Hazelburn line of products.

Auchentoshan ownership may have begun with Irish settlers, but recent history has echoed the consolidation and growth of the Spirits industry. The modern Auchentoshan began when it was acquired by Eadie Cairns in the late 1960s. In 1984, as Ronald Reagan was being reelected, Auchentoshan was bought by Morrison Bowmore. In 1989 the Suntory Group of Japan acquired an interest in Morrison Bowmore, and bought the company outright in 1994. As followers of the court intrigue in the Drinks industry know, Suntory purchased Jim Beam a few years ago, making Auchentoshan a stablemate of Yamazaki and Bookers. As the prettier and less earth driven style of the Lowlands is coming back in vogue, expect to see Auchentoshan more and more, especially with the combined might of Beam and Suntory. 


Auchentoshan 17 Yr. Signatory Bottling Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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