• Ardmore 9 YR Mossburn Bottling Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The nose shows quite a bit of the spirit character with an aroma set of sea salt, smoke, peat phenol, dried apricots, and fresh cereal grains. The palate has an initial flavor of toasted nut with smoke, peat, and a buttered and honey drizzled toast on the finish. D&M Tasting Notes

Distilled: 2008 Bottled: 11/30/2017. 46% ABV 

A peated single malt from the Highlands, Ardmore . This is put out by a company doing in the 20th century what blenders did in the 19th, but more on that later. In the 19th century there were actually two Ardmore distilleries in operation, though quite separated by geography and time. Deep students of Islay will note that there was a distillery by that name that operated next door to Lagavulin from 1817 to 1835, when the owner of Lagavulin bought them out... and shut it down. The Ardmore that we are concerned about was formed half of Scotland away in the far south-east of the Speyside district. The roaring century of Scotch had been hurtling towards its eventual conclusion when Adam Teacher broke ground in the late 1890s. Adam was the son of William Teacher, who is best known for the blend that carries the family name. Adam situated the new distillery on the land of a family friend close to the Grampian mountains. This is a region known as the Garioch district, also home to Glen Garioch and Glendronach.

When the distillery opened in 1898, it was considered to be the height of modernity with a single steam engine powering the whole operation and a rail line that ran right up along the side of the distillery. As Adam Teacher built this distillery to provide a backbone to his family’s blends, it was lightly peated from the very start. In fact, Ardmore is the only (to our knowledge) Highland distillery that has produced a lightly peated single malt throughout the entirety of its lifespan. Soon after the distillery was completed the Patterson Crisis hit, bankrupting and mothballing dozens of distilleries; with the strength and demand for Teacher’s Highland Cream, Ardmore continued in operation. 

Fast forward to the current day and the number of stills has grown from the initial two to a total of eight stills. These stills are fed by 14 all-wood washbacks. Ardmore still employs a cooperage on site for their barrel operations. Today the distillery is owned by Beam Suntory and is still used as the backbone for Teacher’s, the Scotch tipple of choice in Brazil and India. Mossburn is new to us and very much following in the spirit of the pioneering distiller/ blenders of the past. They have built a distillery on Skye by the name of Torabhaig, and are in the process of building two distilleries in the Lowlands. They have two blends at the moment, but we were most interested in their limited run vintage casks. The Ardmore we have selected was distilled in 2008 with around 15 ppm of peat and placed in a previously used Islay barrel. (It took a little asking around to find out that the Islay ASB on the label stands for ‘Islay sourced American Standard Barrel.’) It was bottled unchill filtered in November of 2017, at 9 years of age. Michael Kennel, D&M


Ardmore 9 YR Mossburn Bottling Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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