• 1792 D&M Bottled in Bond Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Store Pick We are happy to report that this is the first Single Barrel of 1792 Bottled in Bond available in California. The nose shows espresso, all spice, dusty oak, caramel popcorn, malted milk balls and just there rye spice. The palate shows more of the rye influence with rye bread, apple pie filling, pepper and just there malt ball notes. D&M Tasting Notes

It was filled just before Christmas in 2009 and aged in Warehouse N, right side,  21 ricks back from the front, 17th rick high, or the 6th floor. (How is that for specific!)

While it is pretty safe to say that distilling happened on the site of Barton 1792 before the Civil War, we know for certain that in 1876 Tom Moore and Ben Mattingly established the Mattingly & Moore Distillery on the site. The connection to Bourbon Nobility is that Ben’s father-in-law was John Willett and Tom’s mother was also a Willett. In 1879 Tom struck off on his own and started the Tom Moore Distillery right next door, which is used by Barton as their official start date. (Readers will note that neither of these dates is 1792, very prominent on the label: this is a marketing ploy and a nod to the date of Kentucky’s statehood.) Barton is located on the site of a spring in eastern Bardstown less than a mile from My Old Kentucky Home State Park and the Willett distillery.

As befits a distillery that has been around for over a century, the owners have changed many times since Tom Moore first fired his still. Following the repeal of Prohibition two Chicago businessmen, Oscar Gets and Lester Abelson, were looking around for a steady source of whiskey for their business: Barton Brands. In 1944 to ensure that they had a consistent source they bought the Tom Moore distillery. At that time the distillery was producing neutral spirits for the military during WWII, but soon returned to Bourbon production. In the 20th century its owners were many: everyone from Constellation to the owners of Manischewitz have owned Barton. 

Today it is owned by Sazerac Company with a renewed focus on Bourbon. Many may have seen or heard one of the rick houses collapsed, sending 18,000 barrels crashing to the ground. This is what can happen when a 80 year old warehouse made entirely of wood encounters a very wet spring. Thankfully our barrel was not amongst these that took a tumble, and know that these barrels represent less than 5% of Barton’s ageing stocks, so we don’t expect to see less 1792 any time soon.  

The Barton distillery today goes through around 30 acres of corn per distilling day, which should give you a sense of the size of the operation. Befitting the large company and their love of secrecy the mashbill is not disclosed but is believed to be roughly 75% Corn, 15% Rye and 10% Malted Barley. Mic


1792 D&M Bottled in Bond Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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