Pisco Porton The Authentic Peruvian Pisco

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Pisco Porton The Authentic Peruvian Pisco


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Pisco Porton The Authentic Peruvian Pisco. Light to medium bodied in texture, refreshing, astringent, a touch edgy. I like the elemental, soil-like earthy quality. ****(4 Stars) Highly Recommended Spirits Journal June 2014

Pisco Portón is an apologetically flavorful spirit that brings dimension and character back to the drinking experience. Taken neat, it is complex and layered. When mixed, Pisco Portón creates a whole new category of cocktails, more flavorful than vodka and more subtle than tequila. Pisco Portón is the new spirit that is actually new, with aromas and flavors sure to incite and intrigue as it opens a whole new world of cocktail possibilities. 43% ABV.Distillery Notes


The History Of Pisco in the United States: The Pisco Punch
In the second half of the 19th century, pisco was king in San Francisco’s watering holes. Back then, it was easier to ship pisco up the coast from Peru than to transport whiskey overland from the East Coast. Newly rich gold prospectors, thirsty sailors, and eventually all of San Francisco developed a robust appetite for pisco that lasted until the supply was cut off by Prohibition in 1920.

Pisco Punch was the most famous cocktail in San Francisco, made at the Bank Exchange on Montgomery and Washington by famous bar owner, Duncan Nicol. At 25 cents, the drink was preposterously expensive yet incredibly popular.
A true gentleman barkeeper, Nicol had a house rule that two pisco punches were enough for any patron of his bar. If a customer wanted a third, he had to walk around the long block and come back in to qualify as a new customer. When John Mackay, perhaps the richest man in America at the time, asked for a third, Nicol said no. Mackay grabbed his hat and obediently walked around the block to have his third Pisco Punch.

  • 1/2 pint (8 oz.) of simple syrup
  • 1 pint (16 oz.) of distilled water
  • 3/4 pint (10 oz.) of lemon juice
  • 1 750 ml bottle (24 oz.) of Pisco Portón®
  • 1 fresh pineapple

Cut a fresh pineapple in squares about 1/2 by 1 1/2 inches. Put these squares of fresh pineapple in a bowl of simple syrup to soak overnight. In the morning, mix the rest of the ingredients in a big bowl. Use 3 or 4 oz. of punch per glass adding a square of the soaked pineapple to each. Lemon juice or simple syrup may be added to taste. Serve very cold.

Simple Syrup Recipe: Using two parts sugar and one part water, bring the water to a boil in a saucepan. Dissolve the sugar into the boiling water, stirring constantly. Once the sugar is dissolved completely, remove the pan from the heat. Do not allow the syrup to boil for too long or the syrup will be too thick. Allow to cool completely and thicken, then bottle. The cook time is approximately five minutes.



  • 1 ½ oz. Pisco Portón®
  • 1 ½ oz. vermouth
  • 1 dash Angostura™ bitters
  • Garnish with a maraschino cherry

 Pour vermouth and Pisco Portón® into a glass with ice then add the dash of bitters. Stir ingredients together until cool. Strain into a martini glass with a maraschino cherry resting at the bottom. If you'd prefer a sweeter taste, add 1/2 oz of vermouth. For a drier drink, add an additional 1/2 oz of Pisco Portón®.

Cuzco Mule


1 1/2 oz Pisco Porton 
1/2 oz fresh lime juice 
3 oz Ginger Beer 
Angostura or Amargo bitters

Combine pisco and lime juice in a collins glass. Add ice and then ginger beer. Stir gently and top with 3-4 dashes of bitters.